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Exmoor view with heather in the foreground and hills in the distance

Based in a beautiful part of South West England, in a vale flanked by a National Park and two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Quantock Hills view with trees in the foreground and countryside in the distance

If your business is simarly close to Exmoor, the Quantocks or the Blackdowns, then we should be able to meet in person.

Wellington Monument on the Blackdown Hills

Keeping in touch however is best for getting things done

Smartphone showing cityscape held in a person's hand

Calling & messaging

OK for introductions or a quick catch up, but not brilliant for getting into the detail.

Desk with a mug next to a laptop showing an online meeting

Meeting online

Now well established as the communication method of our age, saving travel time and especially suited to scoping and training.


Great for keeping track of all the tasks and maintaining a record of what we've agreed.

Silhouette of two cyclists standing over their bikes facing each other to talk

Meeting out in the fresh air

Chatting while on an easy cycle or ambling around the golf course can free the mind.  Great for discussing ideas and strategies.

Silhouette of a golfer with low sun in the background
Hands reaching towards each other with fingertips touching across the gap between two buildings
Email & phone are deliberately not being shared here. Please complete this form to reach out, unless you prefer to message using one of the social media channels linked from this page.