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This business

Accounts Projects was established in 2021 as a sole trade.

There are no partners or employees, so what you see is what you get.  The emphasis is on integrity and trust, so portraying a misleading image here is a non-starter.  Client relationships are project-based, through which objectives are identified, options are considered and solutions are implemented.  Project timespan could be hours, days, weeks or months depending on need and budget.  There can only be a limited number of concurrent projects to ensure that each receives the attention it deserves.

James Wade, Systems Accountant

James qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant with a respected regional firm in 2016, having previously been a graduate analyst at an investment bank and a FTSE 100 manufacturing PLC.  He has worked with historic and forecast management information throughout, having an eye for detail and a desire to use systems to optimise the input and extraction of meaningful data.  Alongside his work and family commitments, he enjoys cycling and isn't afraid to get stuck in with DIY and decorating.

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Your business

You are either an owner, a trustee or a senior decision maker in your business.  You could be anywhere between starting out and considering retirement.  You might be working on your own or have a team supporting you.  Perhaps you find yourself wanting some help without having to make a long term commitment.  Maybe your business is going through a transition.  You could just have a short term problem that needs solving.  Whatever your situation, you may not have the time or motivation to face this particular challenge and would like to work with someone else to see it through.


IT literacy is not simply about age.  Young or old, tech might not be your thing and you tend to focus your attenton elsewhere.  Systems go hand in hand with operational processes, and there may well be opportunities to improve either efficiency or effectiveness or both.


Understanding the position and performance of your business is critical to its success.  You need timely and reliable data for decision making and statutory reporting, but there is a balance to strike between the value of this output and the cost of the input.


There are other people who might need to be consulted or involved in your project:


Accounts Projects is deliberately not set up to provide a full suite of traditional accountancy and tax services.  If you have engaged an accountant, then your relationship with them will be most effective if you provide reliable records in a format that suits them.  While they are likely to offer advice and support with their preferred bookkeeping software, they may be less likely to consider your wider systems and processes, either in detail or cost effectively.  If you don't yet have an accountant, we could work together to choose one at the right time.


If you have already employed or contracted a bookkeeper, then they will be familiar with your existing financial set up and supporting you professionally with a range of tasks.  However, they may not be best placed to rethink the set up, or they may only have fixed time dedicated to you, or they may not be familiar with some of the emerging software.  If you have been keeping your records until now but would like to free up some time to focus elsewhere, then we could work together to optimise your set up before appointing a permanent bookkeeper. 

Software Provider

There is now a bewildering array of software that has been developed to service the needs of all sizes and shapes of business.  It is unlikely that all your needs were identifiable from the outset, so you may have gradually accumulated a plethora of solutions.  Eventually, the lack of integration between them can lead to inefficient work arounds.  We need to be prepared to get under the bonnet by consulting with providers to prove their suitability for your business, to understand new developments and to solve specific issues.

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NHS Primary Care

General practice occupies an unusual position in our business landscape with its unique blend of owners, staff, patients, funding providers, specialist suppliers and regulators.  Your general practice will almost certainly already have a relationship with a firm of accountants, perhaps even one with a specialist medical team.

Accounts Projects is here if you would like extra help from someone familiar with typical general practice bookkeeping and terminology. You might be considering a major change in your systems and processes or wanting to make the most of a recent implementation.  Perhaps you just need an extra pair of hands to see you through a particularly challenging period or to bring your accounting records up to date.